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CL 35 ARM Vv I

Platform trailer is intended for use along with off-road vehicles in difficult terrain. The chassis is formed by steel
robust basic frame with floor grate coated with hot-dip galvanizing and
painted with finish paint system according to NATO requirements. The floor is made from anti-slip waterproof
plywood. The trailer is constructed on one beam axle sprung by leaf springs. The drawbar includes
height adjustable supporting caster wheel. The drawbar can be fixed "V" shaped,
or central, height adjustable. Side plates can be made of steel or aluminium. The tarpaulin frame
is demountable; the tarpaulin is made from MEHLER material in required color. Wheels are placed under
the carrying platform of the trailer and wheel wells partially overlap to load carrying surface. Full-sized spare wheel
can be placed under the carrying platform of the trailer or on the front part above the drawbar.
Tool boxes are placed in the front part of the trailer, next to the axle on the left and on the right sides.
Platform trailer is distinguished by high flexibility according to user requirements and a robust structure
enabling driving off-road with the possibility of short-term overload. The special emphasis is put on applied trailer components, wiring components and surface finish with respect to operation in difficult climatic conditions.

Technical description:
Type of the trailer: CL 35 ARM LMV
Trailer frame: steel, drawbar with smoothly height adjustable caster wheel, 4pcs of eyes for
tying down the trailer during transport, 2ps eyes for recovery, the floor made from waterproof
plywood with anti-slip surface, side plates made of steel (aluminium), the tarpaulin frame
dismountable, the tarpaulin made from MEHLER material, NATO tow hitch, the hitch eye of diameter
76mm, eye of diameter 40mm and 50mm, tow hitch ISO 50 for a ball.
Axle beam, sprung by leaf springs
Brakes: an overrun brake on the drawbar, wheels braked with reversing automatics, pneumatic
Wheels: by requirements of a client, identical with the drawing vehicle
Wiring: 24V, maximum protection against water penetration and perforation. Wiring linkage
12 pin socket
Coating: hot-dip galvanizing, painted by finish paint system according to NATO requirements
Trailer equipment: set of spare bulbs, hydraulic jack 5t, a pad for hydraulic
jack, a spanner for releasing a spare tire, a spanner for releasing a spare tire basket,
powder fire extinguisher 2kg, warning triangle
Total weight: from 2,500kg with an overrun brake, up to 4,000kg with a pneumatic brake
Unladen weight: cca 1,050kg to 1,300kg
Load capacity: from 1,450kg with an overrun brake, up to 3,700kg with a pneumatic brake