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Army trailer

PRAGA-Automotive is the 100% daughter company of PRAGA-Export that is a supplier of IVECO LMV vehicles for the Czech army. On the basis of request made by the Armed Forces of the ČR, PRAGA-Export has already in 2009 initiated development of a military trailer for those vehicles in cooperation with  Clearmont whose facility had been manufacturing utility truck bodies and trailers for trucks and commercial vehicles since 2003. PRAGA-Export purchased this facility in March 2018 and created an independent company PRAGA-Automotive - a specialist for military trailers and truck bodies with long term experience.

While developing military trailers the main emphasis has been put on robust structure of trailers and minimizing limitation of permeability of a unit in off-road conditions. The first trailers delivered to the Armed Forces of the ČR (AFCR) were platform trailers. Subsequently requests from individual NATO Armies emerged to develop trailers of various types. Currently, PRAGA - Automotive produces the following types of trailers - platforms with tarpaulin, container loaders, truck body trailers, box body trailers, trailers for transport of special equipment, trailers with cooling containers and trailers for transport of water. Besides, it is developing a trailer with independent suspended wheels, sprung by wound springs. All types of trailers have been approved to meet technical criteria, passed military tests and have been included to the armoury of the AFCR.

Currently our trailers are used by member states of NATO, namely the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland. Those trailers component even such vehicles as for example TATRA 815, MB Unimog, IVECO LMV, MB Zetros, Dingo a RG 32. PRAGA-Automotive is able to develop, manufacture and deliver trailers adjusted and equipped according to customer requirements.